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Describes someone who captures specific sounds from soundscapes as a hobby and/or for a living



University: Umeå Institute of Design

Duration: 2 weeks, spring 2018

Team: Carolyn Wegner, Elias pfuner, Toby Whelan

Type: speculative


The Western culture has been dominated by a vision-centred paradigm, in which knowledge, truth and reality is often interpreted by our most privileged sociable sense – the eyes. The once reflective and process-oriented method of creating memories has been diluted, and reduced to a tap of a screen. In this project, we are critical towards the role of vision in relation to our other senses in our understanding and practice of creating memories.


Taking up earlier photograph and film camera technologies and extend them for creative purposes in the field of acoustics.  Strengthening the human auditory sense through the utilisation of auditory power with repurposed technologies. Designing subtle analogue communications that help hint towards the status of the Soundgrapher’s devices and thus letting the user act accordingly.


Developed a new craft called soundgraphing. Soundgraphers are people who record sounds from soundscapes. The Soundgrapher’s equipment, the Dexai AM-40 and Dexai SC-40 leverage existing film camera behaviours to make invisible sounds tactile and thus visible.  Both devices enable the user to form tangible sound memories derived from their daily soundscapes.  In this sense, capturing and recreating sounds become a means of igniting the imagination and of articulating auditory sensory thought.